Moorhouse Chapel


Unpublished manuscripts

Lincolnshire Archives Office

Diocese of Lincoln, Faculty Book, 6, 1847-1865, faculty to take down and rebuild chapel, 27 July 1860

Moorhouse, St Nicholas

Register of services, 1916-present

Nottinghamshire Archives

Dean and Chapter, Southwell, SC7/1/1, White Book (Liber Albus)

University of Nottingham, Manuscripts and Special Collections

Archdeaconry of Nottingham, LB 224/1/18/1-2, 1621-2, dispute over repairs
Archdeaconry of Nottingham, PB 334/646/2, 1718-19, repairs
Manvers, Ma B 24/139-142, 1873, Moorhouse Chapel Yard
Manvers, Ma B 217/31, 1841, drainage of Moorhouse

Printed texts

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Secondary works

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