Norwell St Laurence


Archival Sources

British Library

Harley Charter 84 A 31 Richard the Chaplain, early C13

Harley Charter 112 H 18 Richard the Chaplain, early C13

Church of England Records, Bermondsey

EC 10111, parts 1-4, Norwell Overhall Prebend and Other Estates, Norwell Parish, Co. Notts, Norwell V, Church and Chancel Repairs, 1857-C20

Lincolnshire Archives Office

FAC Papers/1876/5 Restoration, 1874-6

FAC Plans Restoration, 1876

Newark Library

Microfiche of Parish registers for Norwell: Christenings, Marriages, Burials 1681-1767 (after NAO, PR 6266)

Norwell, St Laurence / Norwell Parish Heritage Group

Files containing manuscript, registers, printed and photographic material, mainly late C19 and C20, relating to:-

Norwell, St Laurence, Baptism Certificates Book (also used at Ragnall and Dunham) 1950-69

Norwell, St Laurence, Bell appeal fund, 1932 etc.

Norwell, St Laurence, Church School, photostat copy of conveyance, 1871

Norwell St Laurence, Churchwardens’ Account Book 1858-1984

Norwell, St Laurence, Clock Fund and Installation of clock, 1953

Norwell, St Laurence, Death Watch beetle, 1930s

Norwell, St Laurence, Fabric fund accounts

Norwell, St Laurence, Faculties

Norwell, St Laurence, Finances

Norwell, St Laurence, Insurance documents

Norwell, St Laurence, Leaflets, programmes etc. of special events

Norwell, St Laurence, Organ and Organ Fund accounts

Norwell, St Laurence, Parish Magazines (individual issues 1896, 1898-1901, 1903, 1905, 1911, 1935; complete run 1966-present)

Norwell, St Laurence, Parochial Church Minutes, 1925-present

Norwell, St Laurence, Register of Services 5 Jan. 1930-28 Dec. 1949

Norwell, St Laurence, Rent Book for Church Cottages 1934-40

Norwell, St Laurence, Repairs

Norwell, St Laurence, Sequestration 1969, 1974

Norwell, St Laurence, Sunday School attendance register, 1944 et seq.

Norwell St Laurence, Supplementary Account Book 1910-77

Norwell St Laurence, Visitors Book 1951-84

Norwell Men’s Institute, Minute Book, 1920-51

Norwell, New Parsonage House, 1974

Norwell, Trustees of Mrs Brand’s Charity, Account Book 1916-88

Norwell, Trustees of Col. James Craig’s Charity, Account Book 1911-88

Nottinghamshire Archives Office & Southwell Diocesan Office

DDM 54/199   Netherhall (Tertia Pars) terrier, 1687
DDM 54/198   Norwell Overhall terrier, 1687
DDM 54/200/1-2   Terrier for Overhall vicarage, 1726
DDM 54/201/1   Terrier for Tertia Pars vicarage, 1726
DDM 54/204   Terrier for two medieties, 1777
DDM 105/70/1-2   Survey of living, 1650 (1835 transcripts)
DD SP 69/1   Norwell Woodhouse, assarts c1275-80 (Photocopy of extracts from Liber Albus)
EA 106   Enclosure Award and Map, 1832
Liber Albus (White Book) of Southwell (see also below, Southwell Minster Library, and Visitations, ed. Leach)
NR 1 R   Map of the Parish of Norwell, 1829
PR 928   Town Book, 1666 et seq.
PR 965   Churchwardens’ Account Book, 1685-1791
PR 966   Churchwardens’ Account Book, 1822-58
PR 1022   Terrier of Glebe, 1809
PR 1023   Terrier of Glebe, 1843
PR 102   Terrier of Glebe, 1855
PR 5636   Notes on Joshua Lambert, rector, 1661-7 (by Basil Ainley, vicar 1921-34)
PR 6266   Christenings, Marriages, Burials Register, 1681-1768 [other registers exist in PR 6267-77 for the period down to 1967 but have not been systematically searched]
PR 11,112   List of vicars (drawn up by Basil Ainley), 1934
PR 11,139   Extension to churchyard, 1924
PR 11,148   Benefactions of Thomas Sturtevant et al. from 1727
PR 11,149   Unification of charities, 1906
PR 11,157   Religious instruction at school, 1947
PR 17,263   Charity Commissioners, Scheme for administration of church school, 1871
PR 25,045-7   3 Photographs of church, early C20

Southwell Minster Library

Notes, Papers, Transcripts and Indices relating to the Liber Albus (White Book) of Southwell (original in NAO)

Southwell Diocesan Church Calendar (various years)

Southwell Diocesan Magazine (various years)

St Deiniol’s Library, Hawarden

Rev Stephen Glynne’s Notes, vol. 34 [photocopies provided by DAC]

University of Nottingham, Department of Manuscripts

Clifton Deeds:

Cl D 65, enfeoffment by John de Leghton, vicar, 1315

Cl D 66, letters of attorney of John de Leghton, vicar, 1315

Cl D 404, charter of Mr John Clarell, prebendary of Overhall, 1290 x 1295

Cl D 472, enfeoffment by Mr Robert de Wodehouse, 1339

Cl D 568, enfeoffment by Richard de Northwell, clerk, 1365

Cl D 569, enfeoffment by Elizabeth, widow of Henry de Northwell, 1365

Middleton Deeds:

Mi M 217, 17th century survey of Cromwell manor lands in Willoughby by Norwell

MSS Histories & Scrapbooks of Norwell & District

[Ainley, Basil S.], History of Norwell, c1934 (Typescript, includes 8 sheets
with 17 photographs, 43 pages + notes) (in possession of David Garnett Esq., The
Grange, Norwell)

Hemingway, Guy Yeoman, A History of Norwell (Typescript, c1983, 162 pp.) (Norwell Parish Church; other copies in NAO, NUM, Newark Library)

Hemingway, Guy Yeoman, A History of Carlton on Trent (Typescript, 1983, 145 pp.) (copies in NAO, NUM and Newark Library)

Smith, Wallace H., Studies in the Evolution of Norwell (Typescript, 1967, 126 pp.) (copies in NAO, Newark Library, Norwell Parish Heritage Group)

Brown, Mrs A., Norwell Scrapbook (Mr E. A. Brown, Norwell)

Wood, Mrs M. and Jackson, Mrs D. E., Norwell Scrapbook, 1971 (Newark Library)

Norwell Scrapbook 1968 (recte 1965) (Newark Library)

Norwell Scrapbook 1963-1978 (Norwell Parish Heritage Group, formerly Wallace Smith)

Published Sources


An Act for inclosing and exonerating from tithes lands in the parish of Norwell in the County of Nottingham, 5 May 1826 (Newark Library)

Dedication of Two New Bells (Order of Service), 8 September 1977 (Norwell Parish Heritage Group)

Norwell: Listing SK 76 SE (National Monuments Record)

Norwell: The Parish Church of St Laurence (Visitors’ leaflet)

Norwell: Village Pack (Nottingham County Library, Angel Row, Nottingham)


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