St Ann


East Wall

Only a single image of the east widow was identified. It does, however, appear to have been of the same tracery design as the west window, with a pair of tall lancet lights on each side with a shorter lancet in the centre. The pointed arch of each lancet was filled with a trefoil. A large roundel encasing three trefoils set one over two rested on the centre and two inner lancets. Smaller roundels were sited between the outer lancets.

In 1896 the original glazing was replaced to commemorate twenty five years of the ministry of Canon J.D. Lewis (1871-1896). The subject was The Ascension and the 11 Apostles. It was designed and made by A O Hemmings of York Gate, Marylebone Road, London. The cost was raised by the congregation. When the church was demolished it was removed and sent to the United States.

This window was badly damaged by vandals in 1964, but subsequently repaired.

West wall

The tracery was as the East window. No details of the glass were found, but louvres appear to have been fitted into the outer two and the centre lights just under their arches. 

West wall of aisle

One two light window with a roundel set over.

South wall

Four windows in the west aisle, each set between buttresses.

One window was given in memory of Betsy Comerey who fell asleep April 30th 1907. It depicted Boaz and Ruth. Other windows depicted Elijah and Daniel, Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and Daniel, all in memory of William Frederick Woollatt.

Prior to demolition all these windows were given to St. Mary’s Church, Clifton, Nottingham.

South wall of chancel

Design as above.

North wall of aisle

Design as above, but five in number.


Five roundels on each side set in line with the nave windows. Each one had different tracery.

A window (location not known) depicted The Holy Carpenter. The inscription read:

Given in memory of Henry Shaw, for many years a zealous worker for this church; 1914