St Ann

Monuments and Memorials

Little information was discovered identifying the memorials which may have been erected in St. Ann’s Church. It would appear that parishioners and their families subscribed to the practice of remembering their connection with the church by legacies to be used to fund structural work or purchase specific items of furniture and fittings. Information regarding the donors is listed within these two sections.

In 1907 a brass plaque was installed in memory of Canon Lewis who served as vicar 1871-1900.

During the early days of the church demolition process a local observer reported that a brass plaque bearing the date 1937 could be seen still attached to the internal face of the wall. Records show that this would have been a memorial to either Maria Stenson or members of the Hopewell family. The inscription on these plaques are known:

New Choir and Clergy vestries. In memory of Maria Elizabeth Stenson. A faithful member of this church, who fell asleep January 19th 1937 who left a sum of money towards the building of this Vestry
In memory of Frank Edwin Hopewell, who departed this life June 9th 1937, and his son Frank Henry who departed November 12th 1906, both of whom were choristers of this church. The furnishings of this Vestry were given in remembrance by their family. October 31st 1937.

Presumably the plaque was removed by the demolition contractor and sold as scrap metal.