Nottingham St Catharine


Key to windows

St Michael with sword and lance1St Michael with sword and lance

Dedicated to Marie wife of John Alfred Henderson. Died 1898

2Plain glass

St John The Baptist. holding Book and Staff3St John The Baptist. holding Book and Staff

These two windows were
given by his friends and
parishioners at St Catherine’s

(Presumably this inscription also referred to window 2)

By Curtis, Ward and Hughes

St Helena4St Helena

Dedicated to Ellen Gertrude Perfect 1873-1920
Wife of Edgar Perfect

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away

by Alexander Gascoyne Nottingham c1920

St Margaret5St Margaret

Remember before God
Florence Douglas who loved his
house and hoped for his mercy


St Stephen6St Stephen

To the glory of God and in memory
of Selwyn Charles Freer first
priest-in-charge of this parish

Possibly by Curtis Ward and Hughes

St Catharine7St Catharine

In memory of Alice Maud Sargent. Her father John Sargent was for many years verger of the church, and Alice frequently helped him with the cleaning.

Drawing of the lower section of the windowDrawing of the lower
section of the window
taken from “Dear
St Catharine’s”

In the lower section of the window Alice is seen kneeling on her scrubbing mat, with bucket, soap and brush. Alice left £50 to be spent on the window, having previously chosen the site.

“I have loved the
habitation of Thy house”
These words are here
written in memory of
Alice Maud Sargent,
church cleaner here for
many years, who died
15th February 1926.

Kempe and Company c1926

8&9Plain glass

Lady Chapel East - The Annunciation10Lady Chapel East - The Annunciation

Pair of windows, damaged and repaired with unstained glass

Curtis Ward and Hughes c.1908

11Plain glass

Bearded figure holding palm trunk12Bearded figure holding palm trunk

Lower half replaced with plain cathedral glass in diamond pattern


(The superscription “We found Messias”, would suggest that the figure is a depiction of the apostle St Andrew. However, he is almost always shown with a saltire cross or emblems of fishing. The words along with the tree trunk, suggests the figure may perhaps be intended as a depiction of the apostle Nathanael, or possibly Philip.)

13Woman with angel

In memory of Mary Richards c1914


To the glory of God and in memory of
ALICE UNDERWOOD for thirty years
a faithful worker of this parish


St John the Beloved Disciple15St John the Beloved Disciple

Lower half repaired using plain cathedral glass in diamond pattern


16-18Plain glass

St Peter19St Peter

To the glory of God and in loving memory
of Anne Elizabeth wife of Thomas Hall.
Born 15th April 1870 and died June 15th 1900

Virgin and Child20Virgin and Child

In memory of William Freer Thorold son
of the Rev. S.T. Winckley, Vicar & Elizth. his wife
born April 20th fell asleep November 5th A.D. 1891

(Mr Winkley was the second vicar of the church. Elizabeth his wife was the sister of the first vicar, Rev S Freer)

Windows depicting St Andrew (c1900 South aisle) and the Virgin Mary (c1914 South aisle) were recorded in 1987. These were probably in positions 2, 8, or 9 but they have since been replaced with plain diamond pattern leaded glazing.