Nottingham St George

War Memorial

The War Memorial is located on the wall of the south aisle near the entrance to the vestry. It has an oak frame with the glass front divided into three sections enclosing written lists of the names of fallen on the two outer panels, with the centre panel inscribed with the name of the church and a drawing of St. George slaying the dragon.

Left Panel

1914 - 1918

A. Allan J.H. Ash
B. Allen F. Astill
H. Atkin J.W. Armstrong
H. Bailey F.S. Bakewell
H. Barker H.E. Barber
P. Baxter H. Bee
F. Beckworth C. Bellamy
A.V. Bentley F.A.Bishop
H. Bishop A.A. Bland
J.F. Bonser F. Bowler D.C.M.
J.F. Boyer H. Brooksbank
W. Cheetham W.H. Cherry
A. Churoe P.G. Cook
R.R. Cooper T.E. Cox
T. Cragg T.C. Crofts
T. Dixon H. Draper
R.S. Edwards W. Eggington
E. Emery A. Fell
G.F. Fenton W. Foster
A. Fox A. Garfoot
A. Garner T.W. Gibbins
H. Glover A.K. Greaves
J.W. Guyler H. Hall
H. Hall A. Hallam
G.A. Hand J. Hand
O.C. Hand R. Handley
H. Hardy W. Harrison
F. Hossell G. Heaps
B. Henley H. Henley
E. Hassel H.W. Horton
S. Humphries S.H. Hurren
C.R. Jackson H. Johnson
F.C. Lancashire J.W. Lane
C. Leonard H.E. Littlewood
D. Love A. Malby
E.G. Mason W.C. Melson
J. Moran A.T. Moorcroft
G. A. Morley S.W. Morrel
J. Mulvey J.A. Nall
F.W. Nall S. Naysmith
H. Naycomb A. Nichols
A Nicholson G. Nicholson
J. T. Nicholson  

Centre Panel

The Parish Church of

St George and St. John the Baptist



To the Glory of GOD
in memory of
the men of this parish
who at the call of duty
gave their lives for home
 and country in the two
Great Wars
1914 - 1918                   1939 - 1945

To whom the Churchyard Calvary
was raised by public subscription

"Greater love hath no man than this, that
a man lay down his life for his friends"

Right Panel

1914 - 1918

F. Orgill J. W. Paice
W.H. Patrick W.W. Parkin
R. Pierce T.E. Pilgrim
G. Potter T. Proctor
G. Rawson R. Rawson
A.P. Rollston W. Rudge
H. Scrimshaw W. Scrimshaw
S.F. Sewell W. A. Sharp
W.H. Sheward A. Shipman
H. Shipman E.B. Spencer
W.E. Smedley A. Smith
A. E Smith J. Smith
E.J. Smith W. Smithson
W.C. Stokes H. Sunderland
J.H. Taylor N. Taylor
H. Timson T.  Theaker
R. Thorpe J. Tunicliffe
C.E.W. Turner F. Twigger
J. Twigger R.G. Wade
A. Ward T.W. Watson
F.W. Walker J. Walker
L. Walker E. Waterfield
R. Webster S. Webster
W. West A.O. Wilmot
W. Willis P. Wilson
G.H. Wheldon J.H. White
E. Wright G.E. Wright
E. Wood C.W. Woods
1939 - 1940
W.A. Clarke L. Fenton
T. Gibson L. Gilding
W.A. Hutchinson
C. Mewse J. McDermot
L. Pepper H.W. Petchell
J.A. Rayson T. Redgate
F. Richards G.E. Smith
I. Topham J. Townsend
J.W. Turner A.C. Walker
S. Witts G. Wood

The memorial was adapted to accommodate the details of the casualties of World War II.

The Churchyard Calvary

Set in the small area of churchyard on the southern side of the church there is another war memorial. It was funded by public subscription and unveiled on 18 June 1921. The opening ceremony was performed by Lady Henry Bentinck. It is in the form of a white Portland stone Calvary.

The octagonal base has the inscription:

To the Glory of God and in memory of the men
Of St. George’s parish who gave their lives for
Home and country during the Wars of

(The reference to World War II was added at a later date.)