St Luke

Features and Fittings

Note: Positions of items are described here by liturgical orientation, though the east end was actually more towards the south.


An octagonal carved stone pulpit with inset panels was located to the south of the chancel arch.


In 1902 a new lectern was purchased to commemorate Queen Victoria’s reign. It was funded by public subscriptions. The official opening ceremony was performed by Mrs E Elborne, wife of the then mayor of Nottingham who accompanied her.

It was made of oak in the form of an eagle supported on a central column and located between the transverse choir pews and the seating in the nave.

Reading desk

The 1911 photograph shows a wooden reading desk located between the choir and nave pews.


Wooden pews were used throughout. The choir pews were located in the nave, end-on to the chancel arch. There were three pews on the north backing onto the organ, and four on the south just in front of the pulpit backing onto the doorway leading from the bell tower and outer entrance doors.

The nave had fourteen pews on the south of the central aisle, and thirteen pews on the north, with a corresponding number of shorter ones between the side aisles and the outer walls.

Capacity for the church was given as 900 on the original design, but usually quoted as 700


Possibly gas lighting was originally installed, but electric chandeliers were in place by 1912.


The only information found is from the 1911 photograph. It shows a communion rail supported by cast iron uprights with cantilever brackets.