Nottingham St Philip


The organ was original located on the south side of the chancel. This location is clearly marked on the original plan submitted to the ICBS for grant purposes in 1875-1879. A card advertising a forthcoming Annual Sale of Work to be held at the vicarage and bearing the name of the Rev Matthew Dodds (1902-10), carries a photograph of the church interior which shows the organ in its original position. Nothing is known of the specification of the instrument.

In 1914 St. Philip’s Organ Fund was opened to fund the organ being moved by Wragg’s Organ builders, at a cost of £104. The new site was the north side of the chancel within the ground floor of the tower. It is not known why this move was promoted or if any alterations were made to the organ at the time. It remained in this position until it was removed when the church was closed in 1964 when it was dismantled and transferred to Bramcote Parish Church.

After Mr Powell, a builder, was paid £11 15s 0d to brick up the arch between the chancel and old organ chamber, the space originally occupied by the organ was used as a vestry by the male members of the choir.

In 1955 the organ was renovated and an electric blower installed.