Nuthall St Patrick

List of Incumbents

Date Rector Patron
1275 Peter de Lunne (Lane) John de Cokefield
1316 John de Rempston Sir John de Cokefield
1338 Richard de Radecliff Sir John de Cokefield
1340 William de Baliden Sir John de Cokefield
1347 Elias Pouger (Poyeres) John de Cokefield
1368 Roger, son of William
Carpentanii de Notehale
Sir Robert de Cokefield
1380 Richard de Bilburgh Sir Robert de Cokefield
1413 Edmund Fawkenor Sir Nicholas and Peter Strelle
1416 Richard Castlelacre Nicholas and Peter Strelle
1425 John Bramcote Sir Nicholas and Peter Strelle
1430 William Wake (Wayte) Sir Nicholas and Peter Strelle
1435 Robert Rendure Sir John Cokfeld
1446 John Sleford Sir John Cokfeld
1449 John Daft Sir John Cokfeld
---- Thomas Daythe Sir John Cokfeld (?d.1450)
1469 Thomas Clerkson Sir John Ascogh
1494 Thomas Archer Sir William Ascogh
1505 Christopher Ascough Sir William Ascogh
1514 Thomas Smyth Sir William Ascogh
1515 Robert Snydell Sir William Ascogh
15-- John Harrison ?
1561 Giles Derbyshire ?
1564 John Harryson Sir Francis Ascoghe
1591 William Balderston Sir Roger Ayscoughe
1612 William Evans James Ayscough
1612 William Greaves James Ayscough
1650 John Hill (Royalist) The Commonwealth
1653 Edward Horne The Commonwealth
1654 John Lorrington (Puritan) Dame Jane Farewell
1658 Robert Horne (Puritan) The Commonwealth
1663 James Jolliffe Richard Slater
1682 Nathaniel Kirkby Richard Slater
1684 Anthony Moye Richard Slater
1690 Samuel Trickett Richard Slater
1694 Joshua Sagar Richard Slater
1729 Andrew Mathews The Rev. John Ellis
1761 Thomas Nixon Sir Charles Sedley
1786 Thomas Hudson The Hon. Henry Sedley
1790 Charles Nixon The Hon. Henry Sedley
1837 The Hon. John Venables Vernon Robert Holden
1876 John Water Banks The Rev. Alexander A Holden
1879 Robert Holden The Rev. Alexander A Holden
1914 Arthur John Bicknell Ellerton The Rev. Robert Holden
1918 Charles John Boden The Rev. Robert Holden
1932 Arthur Edwin Day Robert Millington Holden
1934 Richard Owen Lloyd Robert Millington Holden
1935 Samuel Elder Robert Millington Holden
1948 Leonard Ralph Barker Robert Millington Holden
1964 Kenneth James Gration The Bishop of Southwell
(by order of Council on April 28th 1949)
1978 John James Stafford The Bishop of Southwell
1989 Dennis Hibbert The Bishop of Southwell
1990 Roy Palin The Bishop of Southwell
2001 Janet Henderson (Priest in charge) The Bishop of Southwell
2008 Barbara Holbrook (Priest in charge) The Bishop of Southwell

Note: In 1317, William, (not listed above) parson of Nuthall, was charged with poaching in Codnor Park.