Nuthall St Patrick



Archbishop Herring’s Visitation Returns.1743. Nott. Uni. Library. Level 4. DA/YOR.

Manuscript 258/46-60. Record Office.

P R 11,315 Record Office [plan of burials 1861-1930. Nuthall Churchyard]

P R 11,326. Record Office [ concerning organ]

P R 11,327. Record Office [Scrapbook by Rev R Holden + Article from the Mansfield Reporter 1890]

P R.21,004. Record Office [concerning north door and vestry 1973]

P R 21,005 Record Office [extracts re Nuthall Rectory from “Valor Ecclesiasticus” 1535]

P R 21,227 Record Office [concerning 1884 Faculty]

P R 21,228. Record Office [concerning rood screen; tower, list of Rectors]

P R 25,829. Record Office [concerning churchyard]

P R 25,833. Record Office [concerning War Memorial 1914]

Parish Records for St Patrick’s Church, Nuthall.

Presentment Bill 1601 Special Coll. Uni. Library.

P V 374, Dept.of Manuscripts + Special Coll. Uni. Lib. Parochial Visitation. 1718, 1728

P V 375, Dept. of Manuscripts + Special Collection. Uni. Lib. Parochial Visitation. 1730, 1736. Severn J Private Letter. [concerning the font]

Vestry Records. [Nuthall, St Patrick’s]. 1867- 95. Held by P Hatton.

Yorkshire Archaeological Ass. Vol. LXXVII.

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