Pleasley Vale St Chad


The church from the

The church is of red brick generally standing on a coursed stone plinth and with stone features including string course, sills, buttress caps and the like. The double-pitched roof is of slate with overhanging eaves with timber fascias and verges and open soffits.

There is an octagonal bell turret at the west end on the ridge with steep slated roof and leaded ridges. The main roof has gabled trefoil dormers either side. To the north is the porch entrance accessed by stone steps through a pair of metal gates. More recently a concrete path has been laid around the church to provide a ramped access to a poor modern doorway. The ramp flanked by a simple tubular handrail which adds little by its presence.

To the east side of the porch is evidence of a brick flue, now removed, which appears to be an addition to the original building and which served an old boiler sited in a cellar area under the porch. Access is by a ladder from the porch. The boiler has been replaced by a modern boiler sited in the vestry.

The church occupies a position on north-sloping ground and is sheltered by mature tree planting on two sides. To the right of the church is the tarmac drive to The Old Vicarage, now a residential dwelling in private ownership. The open north side has splendid views over the River Meden in the vale.

The interior
looking east
The interior
looking west

The interior is attractively timbered with horizontal and diagonal boarding to the side walls and an open timber roof with boarded finish. Although quite dark as the interior is lit by narrow glazed windows, it is illuminated by six circular light fittings which appear original of an Arts and Crafts pattern.

The floor has timber floor-boarding at the seating area of the nave, with a stone finish to the aisle area from the doorway to the sanctuary. The sanctuary floor is of stone, diagonal pattern and painted red in part.

Most of the original pews were removed from the nave under a Faculty in 2010, being replaced by individual chairs.