Pleasley Vale
St Chad


The churchyard is a small area, barely larger than the church itself. There are no burials.

The site is sloping steeply to the north and the church is cut into the side of the land with a stone retaining wall to the south side. It is bounded all round by traditional 5-bar country metal fencing. There is a pair of metal gates leading to the entrance porch via a set of stone steps and a further single metal gate leading onto the driveway up to the old vicarage.

Outside the church are two separate timber benches with commemorative plaques as follows:

In Loving Memory of
23.7.1921 – 18.12.2007
Rest in Peace


In Memory of
1919 – 2008
From a Loving Wife

There is an old handpump with an open outlet over a gully to the east side of the north transept. It is marked 'Paragon No 3 Semi-Rotary Pump All British Made'. It has a metal arm which probably had a wood handle at one time. It is understood to be connected to a well, now covered with a metal plate under the path.

Stone steps and retaining walls front the church entrance and a gravel path to the north frontage. There is an unsightly concrete path with ramp/metal rails around to a modern doorway to the south transept.

The church has a toilet and kitchen area which are understood to discharge to a cess pit or septic tank sited on the north side of the church.