Selston St Helen


East Window

Detail of the east window

The stained glass in the triple lancet East window depicts the Ascension in the three main panels. On the left, four disciples kneel looking towards the central panel, while behind them hovers an angel with one arm outstretched pointing towards the figure of Jesus. There are three smaller angels behind the angel in the foreground. The right hand panel has a similar arrangement of disciples and angels also facing towards the centre. In the central panel, Mary and two disciples kneel, the footprints of Jesus are on the ground and Jesus is rising above the kneeling figures with His arms outstretched. In each of the six smaller panels above more angels are shown.

Beneath the window is a brass plaque with an inscription:

To the Glory of GOD and in loving memory of the late GEORGE WALES LAVERICK
Of Pye Hill House, who died Febry 16th 1889, this window was inserted by his Son and Daughter.

War Memorial Window in the Side Chapel

Detail of war
memorial window

In the side chapel, on the east wall, is a single, tall, narrow window showing the figure of a fair-haired St George in full armour, but wearing a golden laurel wreath on his hair instead of a helmet. He carries a shield bearing the sun in splendor and a red cross. He also carries a white flag with a red cross, fringed in green and gold, on a long golden pole, and the pole rests on the neck of the dragon which lies at the saint’s feet. Below the dragon is the royal coat of arms surmounted by a crown and surrounded with the words HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE and a banner reading 'For King and Country'. In the bottom left hand corner of the window is a scroll with the words:

To the Glory of God
and in memory of the men of
Selston who gave their lives
in the Great War this window
is dedicated. October 1920.

Above this scroll is the maker’s mark of Alexander Gascoyne, i.e. a winged and nimbed golden lion with a Bible between its front paws. In 1920, Gascoyne was working at the family’s Shakespeare Works on Shakespeare Street in Nottingham.

War memorial plaques are mounted on either side of this window.

Window in Memory of the Rev H V Simmons

In the side chapel, on the south wall, near to the arch which leads through to the south aisle, is a window dedicated to the memory of the Rev Hubert Victor Simmons. In a clover leaf shape at the top are two hands in prayer. Below are two tall narrow panels. On the left is a fair haired figure in a blue robe with a gold and white cloak, shown only from the waist up, and below this person the inscription:


On the right is a similar figure in a yellow robe with a white cloak. Below this person is the inscription:

+  +  OF  +  +

Below both of the inscriptions is a stylized wreath of roses and leaves. The faculty for this window was granted on 18 May 1978.

John the Baptist Window

Maker's mark

At the east end of the south aisle, near the arch which leads into the side chapel, is a window depicting the baptism of Jesus. There are three main panels. In the centre, Jesus, robed in red and white, kneels with his hands together in prayer. Beside Him stands John the Baptist, wearing a short tunic of animal fur, his feet in the running water of a stream. Above the head of the Baptist is a white dove, and above the dove, a red star. The landscape of water, rocks and foliage continues in the panels on either side. To the left, above the landscape, is a lozenge shape with a crown of thorns in the centre. To the right a matching lozenge shape has a gold and jeweled crown in the centre. The inscription runs along the bottom of the left and right hand panels, and reads:


In the bottom right hand corner of the central section is the maker’s mark of Pope and Parr, Nottingham. The faculty for this window was granted in October 1958.

West Window under the Tower

Detail of
west window

The west window was designed as a triple lancet to match that at the east end of the church. In the left hand panel, a young, fair-haired man robed in red and white, points upwards with his right hand. He is facing to the right and behind him is a tower; possibly a castle or gateway. In the centre panel are three older men with long beards, facing towards the man in the left hand panel. There is a branch of a tree behind these three men, on which hangs large fruit. In the right hand panel is one more bearded man, robed in blue and gold. The fruit tree is behind this man, with more fruit hanging on it.

Above the main picture there are six smaller panels. The two central ones show an angel’s face and wings, to the left of the angels is the Alpha symbol and to the right the Omega symbol, and the two small outer panels have a floral design.

The inscription on the window runs across all three panels and reads:

To the glory of God and in remembrance of Samuel Withers who died 12th day of October
1893 aged 51 years. Also Charles son of the above who died 12th day of May 1908 aged
37 years. This window is erected by his wife and children. St John Chaptr 1 verse 49

At the end of the inscription, in the bottom right hand corner, is the maker’s mark which reads


The Bible verse referred to in the inscription reads, 'Then Nathanael declared, 'Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Israel.'' The passage from which this comes explains the window. On the left is Jesus, leaving the town; in the centre stand Philip, Peter and Andrew, with Philip at the front indicating towards Nathanael, who is the figure in the right hand panel, standing under a fig tree.