Wilford (North)
St Faith

Features and Fittings

In 2016 none of the original church fittings were extant. No information was found recording their fate when the church was closed. The list below has been compiled from photographs and church records.


An octagonal bowl set on a rectangular stone base that extended to the west wall of the baptistery; the two corners that faced the east were cut away to match the angles of the font. The support for the bowl had a decorative octagonal plinth and eight dark marble shafts enclosing recessed panels; each shaft had a moulded capital. The bowl repeated the eight panel design on each panel and carved recess. An oak cover completed the design. In 1965 the font was re-sited about two metres eastward into the rear transverse aisle.

An old photograph shows the seating in the nave to be stained wooden chairs.


A full set of altar linen was given by St Paul’s Church, Carlton, the Rev. A. E. Barnacle’s previous parish.


Carved oak screen in memory of James Wright (Church builder). In 1967 this was reduced in size and moved to the Lady Chapel in the north aisle.


Dorsal and Riddels replaced. A commemorative brass plate was fixed to the rear of the altar. No other details are available.


An oak kneeling desk bearing a brass plate:

In thanksgiving for the life of Alice Bendall
A beloved and faithful member of this church
Who departed this life on Easter Day 1938


Communion rail hinged.


Pulpit completed as a mark of appreciation of the faithful service of the Rev. Arthur Edwin Esling. The pulpit was recorded as being made of carved stone.

Other items recorded with only brief details:

Holy table – oak

Reredos – oak

Credence Table – oak

Prayer Desk – oak

Lectern Table – oak

Screen – oak.