Wilford (North) St Faith



A very colourful window with two trefoil headed lights. The left light depicting Jesus with three children and the right light Mary with two other ladies and three children. The inscription reads:

To the Glory of God this window was given by
the Children of the Sunday School 1920

Over the lower lights are four petal shaped lights each with the image of a haloed praying child.

No maker's mark obvious.

North Aisle

At the west end of the north aisle is a two light window.

The design is as above but with the left light showing St Alban with a sword resting on his right shoulder. The inscription reads:

This window given in loving memory of
Charles Henry Eastwood who died on
The Battlefield of France
Sept 26th 1915 aged 22 years by his friends
At St Faiths Church

The right light depicts St. Faith holding a book and a wand with the inscription:

Greater love hath no man than this
That he lays down his life for his

Above the four petal shaped lights are filled with yellow and blue designs.


East window memorial to the Rev. A. E. Barnacle dating from 1920.

A five-light window with the quatrefoil head centre light reaching to the apex of the stone frame. The other four lights are set two on each side and terminate at the springing point of the window arch with trefoil heads, over this tracery in the decorated style fills the frame. The centre light depicts the Crucifixion and the four outer lights four of the apostles.

The former chancel below the widow is now divided into rooms and used for storage and office space making close access to the light impractical. It is not possible to photograph the window or record the inscriptions close up to due to the above, extensive damage to the window is evident and in the lower part of the outer left light two large pipes have been installed surrounded by a metal plate. The entire window is very dirty adding to the problem of recording more details. Maker unknown.


Four pairs of double lights sit just above the lean-to roofs of the aisles. Each of the windows has two trefoil headed lights of equal height with a four petal light resting on their tracery. The lead work  design is a narrow border enclosing rectangular pattern three panes across and seven panes high; all are filled a with slightly translucent blue, green and clear glass. One of each pair of lights has a transom window fitted, none appear to have a means of opening from the floor of the church. Long sash cords would have originally been fitted, probably secured to the piers of arches at a reasonable height.


West window

Located above the baptistery a tall four-light window, two outer trefoil headed lights rising to the springing point of the arch with the inner pair somewhat shorter. The leadwork and glazing is of the same design as above but the tracery filling the arch is much more ornate.