St Michael and All Angels


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Key to Windows

1Two light, patterned Victorian glass.

2Three lights. Holy Family, boy Jesus in the carpenter’s shop, adult Jesus healing the blind. In memory of Robert (1830-1910) and Ellen (1839-1913) Lee, possibly the parents of Robert Lee who helped Rev J C Walker build his theatre in c1913.

3Three lights, Faith, Hope and Charity. Dedicated to Geraldine May Walker, died 31 May 1905 and E H Houghton, died 30 June 1902.

4Three lights. Ruth, St Mary the Virgin and Diligence. In memory of E S V Walker, died 4 June 1888.

Details of medieval glass

5Two lights and quatrefoil. Lower parts of the window were put together with great skill c1885 by the late (in 1912) Rev J H Sutton, rector of Brant Broughton, from fragments of old glass found in a cellar at Kelham Hall.

6Five lights, six lozenges and one quatrefoil. In the main lights from left to right – the Garden of Gethsemene, Jesus carrying the Cross, the Crucifixion, Descent from the Cross, the Resurrection. Four lozenges depict instruments of the Crucifixion, the upper two lozenges contain the symbols for Alpha and Omega. In the quatrefoil there is St Michael and the dragon.

7Three lights and three quatrefoils. The top quatrefoil contains old glass, the rest of the window is Victorian glass with oak tree motifs.

8Three lights, containing diamond panes alternating holly and vine motifs.

9Three lights with upper Perpendicular tracery. Victorian glass depicting three archangels – Raphael, Michael and Gabriel. Dedicated to Richard Hall Weightman died 22 November 1882, age 79.

10Three lights with upper Perpendicular tracery. Plain glass with inserted diamonds of fleur de lys and other foliage.

11Three lights with upper Perpendicular tracery. Early nineteenth century glass with four inserted Italian paintings and inserts of other decorative motifs.