Babworth All Saints


The southern part of the
churchyard from the tower
The first extension
The second extension
The modern extension
Grave marker to
A. J. Mason

The churchyard is roughly rectangular in shape, raised considerably above the surrounding car parking area and lane on the south and west sides, with the church offset to the north. It is fairly small, measuring approximately 0.15 ha in area, with marked burials on the south, west, and east sides, some fine, mainly of 19th century date. There is a raised chest tomb immediately outside the south wall of the chancel and a grave marker to Arthur James Mason of Morton Hall (died 1928) by Sir Ninian Comper. There are no separately listed memorials or features.

The boundaries to the south and west comprise a low, brick wall, with entrance paths at the south-west and north-west corners via steps and sloping paths. To the north and east the boundaries are wooden fencing, shrubs, and mature trees.

On the opposite side of the lane to the west of the church are three separate extension churchyards. The earliest lies to the east and appears to date from c.1900; the earliest marked burial found is dated 1903. Beyond this area to the west is a large, sloping second extension that contains marked burials from the inter-war period onwards, with later interments lower down the hill to the south. The modern extension churchyard, in use currently, lies to the north of this second area.