Babworth All Saints


An organ was made by Denman of York and installed during the restoration of 1878.

A small plaque above the organ console reads:

Organ Builder


The carved oak case was designed by John Loughborough Pearson, the architect of the restoration.

Technical details of the organ when it was installed in 1878 were provided by the Nottinghamshire Guardian:

'The following are the stops:— Great organ, C C to G, 56 notes; the open diapason, metal; two dulcians, metal, 56 notes; three-stop diapason, wood and metal, 56 notes; four-flute harmonic, metal: five viol de gamba, metal: six principal, seven harmonic picolo. Swell organ, C C to G; the open diapason, metal; two vox angelica ; three gedact, wood and metal; four jerms homa, metal; five oboe, metal. Pedal organ—grand bourdon, couplers swell to great, great to pedal, swell to pedal.'