Broughton Sulney St Luke

List of Incumbents

For a long period prior to the institution of the Rev. Joseph Burrill in 1808, the rectors of Broughton Sulney appear to have been non-resident, the names of several of them not occurring in the parish register. For thirty-four years at the close of the 18th century the Rev. Charles Wildbore, known for his mathematical expertise, was curate-in-charge of the parish.

Edmund Chaterton or Chaderton was a typical secular canon. He was a great adherent of Edward IV., and afterwards of Henry VII., in whose reign he was a master in Chancery, and to whose Yorkist Queen he was Chancellor. Although illegitimate, he held dispensation on Papal authority to retain two compatible benefices, with or without cure. He had held the sacrist prebend [at Southwell] since 29 October. 1472, when he became a residentiary; he held the prebend of South Muskham only for a year, when he exchanged it for Norwell, and this again, 16 November, 1476, for Oxton and Crophill, and this again, for Dunham, 8 April, 1485. He was also a canon and prebendary of Beverley, Ripon, Lincoln. St. Paul's, St. Stephen's, Westminster, and Salisbury; Warden of Sibthorpe College Notts., from 1478 to 1488, when he resigned]; Rector of Calverton, Bucks.; Dean of Barking; and Archdeacon, at the same time, of Chester, Salisbury and Totness.

1283 Roger de Daleby.
5 March 1314 Sir John Sewal, vicar of Colston Bassett, as curator, appointed by Archbishop Greenfield .
20 April 1314 Master Richard de Aston, rector of Bonnington, appointed curator as above, replacing Sewal.
20 April, 1315 Hugh de Fishlake, acolyte. Patron, Sir Gervase de Clifton, Knight. He resigned.
19 October, 1341 John, son of Ralph de Clifton, vel John de Wilford, in first tonsure. Same patron. He resigned.
23 March, 1343 John Tredgold de Southwell. Same patron. He resigned.
23 October, 1349 Thomas de Stapleford, Same patron. Resigned.
5 January, 1376 John Henover. Same patron.
  John de Clyfton.
30 December, 1408 Thomas Frankelyn, instituted on the resignation of John de Clyfton. Patron, Gervase Clifton, Esq. Died.
9 May, 1445 Robert Swan. Patron, Sir Gervase Clifton, Knight.
7 December, 1457 Thomas Saxilbye on the resignation of Robert Swan. Patron, Robert Clifton, Esq.
  Thomas Rawlynson, Same patron. Died.
20 September, 1462 Edmund Chaderton. Patron, Sir Robert Clifton, Kt. Resigned 20 June 1470 for the church of Kirkby Lonsdale.
21 June, 1470 Robert Garnet. Same patron. He resigned.
24 July, 1471 John Henfrey. Same patron. Died.
20 December, 1508 John Sikes. Patron, Robert Clifton, Esquire. Died.
1 August, 1567 Thomas Wright. Patron, Sir Gervase Clifton, Knight. Died.
11 April, 1571 Phillip Copley, M.A. Same patron. Died.
28 August, 1596 Richard Colebrand, M.A. Patrons, assigns of Thomas Atbowe. He died 26 September, 1653, and was buried in the chancel.
11 September, 1662 John Shepperdson. Patron. Sir Gervase Clifton. Bt. Buried at Broughton Sulney. 3 Jan. 1680.
14 January, 1679-80 Thomas Ousley, A.M.
  John Morrice.
28 February, 1727 John Love, A.M. Buried at Broughton Sulney, 11 January, 1735-6.
2 April, 1736 John Dawson, LL.B., instituted on the death of John Love. Patron, William Radcliffe, gent.
1 July, 1767 Wllliam Dawson, B.A., instituted on the death of John Dawson. Patron, William Radcliffe, Esq.
7 July, 1807 Daniel Ferguson, A.B.
20 May, 1808 Joseph Burrill, instituted on the resignation of Daniel Ferguson. Died 1 March, buried at Broughton Sulney, 8 March, 1853. M. I. in chancel.
11 May, 1853 Richard Eddie, M.A. Patron, Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Bart. Rebuilt the chancel in 1855. Rural Dean of South Bingham. Buried at Broughton Sulney, 31 December, 1884.
28 March, 1885 Walter Beck.
13 June, 1891 Headly Willson, M.A., instituted on the resignation of Walter Beck. Rural Dean of South Bingham from November, 1904. Died 4 February, 1907.
18 September, 1907 Harvey Staunton. Resigned in 1911. Died of pneumonia in Mesopotamia in 1917.
11 January, 1912 John Faulkner. Died 26 April, 1916.
7 September, 1916 Frederick Challenor.
13 July, 1918 Herbert London.
25th January, 1930 William J. Beale.
11 March, 1933 Archibald Selwyn Pryor. Killed in Normandy on 3 August 1944.
22 April 1948 Christopher Harold Weller.
1 December, 1952 John Reay (Priest-in-Charge).
14 April, 1954 John Knox.
14 July, 1968 Norman A. Chadwick.