Carburton St Giles


The bell Bell frame Budby chapel bell

The bell turret contains a single 19th century bell with a diameter of 20.75". There is no inscription.

Dawson (1994) comments:

'The bell is hung in an old two bell wooden frame, with wooden headstock and plain bearings. The bell has a cut-away portion around the shoulder, and is clearly the work of a 19th century brass-founder using sand patterns. It probably dates from the church restoration in the 1880s. The bearings are unusual in that they are iron straps let into the frame.

The other pit does not contain a bell but only a headstock. Judging from the size of the cut-out for the canons it must have been an early bell with high canons and argent. It may well be that the Budby chapel bell is the bell which was formerly here. There were certainly two bells in 1730 for the Archdeacon noted "that the steeple be repaired and that the bell which is crak't be new cast and hung"'.