St John


The original churchyard of St John’s is relatively small. It was rectangular in shape and the original enclosing wall to the north is still extant. Where the east wall or boundary was, is marked now by a number of mature trees. The headstones are mostly rectangular in shape or have a curved top. There are some in the form of a cross.

In 1899 the churchyard was enlarged and on the north side a clear butt joint shows where the new, extended, graveyard wall starts.

A further extension was consecrated in 1934 so that the churchyard is L-shaped and very much larger with its eastern boundary now along the A60 road.

Photographs in the Churchyard
Wooded part of the churchyard
looking east at original boundary
Churchyard to the north
of the church
Shaped dug-out stone
near the west door
Butt joint between old
and new wall
Graves just south-east
of the church
Churchyard on the east
side of the church

Near the south chancel door is a wooden cross. It bears no text but there is a bas-relief carving of a sword and chalice. A cross in the churchyard is referred to in the memorial to Janie Bruce.

Wooden cross near
the south chancel door
Sword and chalice
engraved on the cross