St John


All the windows are clear glass apart from the following, which are typically Victorian in colour and concept, except for the more modern one for Harriet Young.


Ichabod Wright windowSouth East end

Three lights ‘To the Memory of Her Beloved Father Ichabod Wright this window is dedicated by his Tenth Daughter Sophia Lydia. He died at Mapperley Nov 14th A.D.1862 in his 96th Year.’

The central light shows Jesus with arms raised, otherwise geometric patterns.


East end

Five lights ‘In Memory of Ichabod Charles Wright of Mapperley Born 11th April 1795 Died 14th Oct 1871. Erected by his widow and four surviving sons.’

The central light shows Christ on the Cross, flanked by Mary and John.

South East side

Two lights with the Latin inscription ‘Ad Gloriam Dei et in piam Caroli et Luciae Gascoyne memoriam A.D.1897.

The main portrayal is of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet.

South East side

Two lights ‘In loving memory of Charles Augustus Welby, Elizabeth, Fanny and Frances Welby.’

The window depicts the baptism of Christ.

North Aisle & Lady Chapel:

North side

Three lights ‘Sacred to the Memory of Harriet Maria the beloved wife of Ichabod Wright of Mapperley. She departed this life 21st June 1843 in the fiftieth year of their union deeply lamented by her husband and their thirteen children.’

Jesus depicted in the centre but mainly geometric patterns. This window must have been moved from its original position in the North wall of the nave when the Lady Chapel was built.

Detail of the MadonnaWest end

Three lights with inscriptions:

Central light:
  In Loving Memory of Sophia Lydia youngest and tenth daughter of Ichabod and Harriet Wright Died October 30th 1878 Aged 68.
Left light:
  In Loving Memory of John Adolphus Wright Rector of Ickham Kent 3rd son of Ichabod and Harriet Wright Died June 16th 1881 aged 77.
Right light:
  Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Ives Wright 2nd son,of Ichabod and Harriet Wright. Died January 17 1847, aged 44.

The Central light shows Mary and Child, otherwise geometric.

East end

Three lights. ‘In Loving Memory of Harriet Young Pupil and later Headmistress of Carrington Church School Born 1865 Died 1944.’

Central light shows Jesus, flanked by mothers and children, one of them black.

North East end

Two lights. ‘In Loving Memory of John Robinson Farr who died April 14th 1922 aged 14 yrs this window is erected by his parents.’

The window depicts the birth of St John the Baptist.