Carrington St John


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives Office

PR 19,292   Memoranda of the National School and the Church of St John the Evangelist, Carrington. Ichabod Wright and Archdeacon Wilkins. (1843).
PR 19,293   Memoranda re the Ecclesiastical District of Carrington by Archdeacon Wilkins. Fine pencil sketches of the church, interior and exterior
PR 4972   Conveyance of land by Ichabod Wright to HM Commissioners for building new churches. (27-2-1843)
PR 4854   Assignment of District of `St John the Evangelist, Carrington.’ Includes map of Supposed District.(June 24th 1843).
PR 4928   Terrier (1908) for the Parish of St John
PR 4927   Terrier (1909) of possessions of the Benefice of St John. Also letter re annual sum of £100 to Vicarage of Carrington charged to Vicarage of Basford.(1912).
PR 5004   Extract from Nottingham Daily Guardian, 1-4-1873, re new chancel.
PR 4984   Conveyance, with plan, of land in Mansfield Street, Sherwood for St John’s Mission. (1882).
PR 5032   Vestry Minutes 1877-1948.
PR 5033   PCC Minutes 1905-19.
PR 23,477   PCC Minutes 1919-29.
PR 4898-4923   Statistical Returns of Parochial Work, 1915-40.
PR 4994   Faculty for addition of aisles, 1921.
PR 5007   Statistics re Parish, July 1923.
PR 5006   Subscriptions list for new church, concludes in 1923
PR 4995   Faculty for stained glass window to Harriet Young, Headmistress, Oct. 16th 1947.
PR 4950-51-52   Letters re levelling of churchyard, Sept-Nov.1947 

Lambeth Palace Library

ICBS 3306   Letter from Ichabod Wright et al, 1st March 1842, asking for a grant towards the proposed church.

Church of England Records Centre, Bermondsey

File 1411, especially
Questionaires from
1843, 1884 and 1900
  Rev.T.Rider’s application for the District to become a Parish in 1877, and letters re. the building of the new parsonage 1884-86.

Lincolnshire Archives Office

OC 24   Order in Council 1843.
PD 199/6   License to Perpetual Curacy, Rev. Thos.Bleaymire, 1843
PD 232/3   Testimonial for Rev. T.J.Rider, 1876.
RES 247/67   Resignation of Rev J.G.Wright, 1876.
Consec N13   Petition for new church and consecration, 1843. Certificate for Banns and Marriages, Dec.1847. Conveyance of St John’s District, 1843. Letter to High Chancellor re 482 sittings, n.d.
Consec N14   Conveyance for extending churchyard, 1859.
NRL Bundle 28/27   Incumbent affirms no house of residence.
NRL Bundle 33/29   Ditto, 1869. 

Published Sources

The Church Builder, April 1916. Article on the proposed new church, with ref. to the slums of Carrington and Sherwood.

Organists’ Review, September 1992. Notes on Carrington St John’s organ 1873, and another in 1949.

SEE, April 1993. Article on the history of St John’s, with information on its incumbents.

Nottingham Journal 3 March 1942. Interview with Canon Dudley Hart.

John S. Peart Binns, Blunt. (1969). A biography.

George Dawson, The Bells of Nottinghamshire, Vol. 1. (1995).

Amanda Hodgson, A History of St. John’s Carrington 1843-1993 (1993).