Clumber Park St Mary

List of Incumbents

There has been a somewhat tempestuous life of the Chapels at Clumber owing to funding problems and various responsibilities for the form of service. It was eventually established that as the Chapel was dedicated and not consecrated at the commissioning service in 1889 the responsibility lay with the owners of the Chapel. It was further acknowledged by the solicitors acting in 1929/30 for the various parties the Chapel lay in the parish of Worksop, in the Diocese of Southwell and was described as a Private Chapel, but, before the ink was dry, was described as a Chapel of Ease. Some would argue that this was one and the same, but this distinction was claimed to have prevented it coming under the usual ecclesiastical jurisdiction - and the possibility of it becoming a 'Public right of Way'.

Whilst Chapels of Ease are sometimes associated with large manor houses, where they provide a convenient place of worship for the family of the manor and for the domestic and rural staff of the house and the estate, the funding should remain with them. However, this was contended by them on several occasions when major funds were required for the upkeep and provision of some of the duties of a priest.

The situation in 2012 was that the Chapel is under Diocesan control in the parish of Worksop Priory with Carburton and it now appears to come under their faculty jurisdiction. The National Trust currently maintain the fabric for the Diocese and undertook repairs in 2012 owing to the movement of the spire. The work was arranged under a faculty.

The Chaplains of Clumber retained by the Patron are listed below. A precise list is not available owing to the apparent terms of engagement by the Patron and some of the other registered duties of the various clergymen by the Diocese.

Chaplains at Clumber


Mr Mason

also in part vicar of Tuxford


Mr Chapman

clergyman for Bothamsall


The Rev Henry T. Slodden

also vicar of Worksop Priory who received £50 per annum for duties as chaplain at Clumber.

New Chapel opened


The Rev J.E. Hatton

resigned after 2 years allegedly due to disagreements with the Duchess.


The Rev Walter F.B. Ward

on stipend £250 per year.


Father Frank Hawkins

permanent transfer of his Ministry from Worksop College to the Parsonage at Clumber and was appointed full time in Clumber in 1901. The Chaplaincy was later abolished and Father Hawkins given 3 months notice in Feb 1931.


The Rev H. Cowgill

from Shireoaks conducted temporarily services through the winter of 1931.


The Rev G.L. Woodhouse

shared with curates from Worksop Priory.


Chapel Closed


NT purchased Clumber Park



From May 25th the Chapel was reopened with their first service and Priests from Worksop Priory have generally provided service coverage to date.


To date

The Chapel of St Mary the Virgin is now under the Worksop Priory Group of the Deanery of Bassetlaw & Bawtry.