Halloughton St James


Archival Sources

English Heritage

Lincolnshire Archives

The Church Commissioners Archives

Public Record Office

British Library

Additional Manuscripts 15543, Kaye Collection

Church Terrier

Published Sources

Archival and printed primary sources

St. James’ Halloughton Church Registers from 1622

St. James’ Halloughton Churchwarden Records

The White Book of Southwell

Farrier, William (ed), Early Yorkshire Charters, Vol I. Edinburgh: Ballantyne, Hanson (1914)

Yorks. Arch. Soc. Records.

Southwell Minster Records, Copies of Prebendal records.

[The] Register of John le Romeyn, Lord Archbishop of York 1286-1296, Part II. Surtees Society Vol 128, Durham: Andrews (1917)

Nonarum Inquisitiones in Curia Scaccarii, temp. Regis Edwardi III (Record Commission 1807)

Calendar of the Patent Rolls, Richard II 1396-1399. London: HMSO (1909)

Calendar of the Patent Rolls, Henry IV 1405-1408. London: HMSO (1907)

Inquisitions and assessments Relating to Feudal aids, 1284-1431, Vol IV, London: HMSO (1906)

Michael Jones, personal communication, March 2013

Published secondary sources

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Athenae Cantabrigiensis

Nottingham Family History Society Record Series, Monumental Inscriptions