Kirkby Woodhouse
St John


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Key to Glass

Most of the windows are plain, pointed arch, single lancet windows in a plain stone surround. Those along the north and south walls are arranged in pairs. All but five of the windows in St John’s have opaque glass in lead diamonds, described in the Mansfield Chronicle of 29 June 1906 as ‘plain cathedral glass in diamond panes’. There are stained glass windows at the west and east ends of the building, and in one of the windows on the south side.


Windows 1, 2 and 3 are at the east end above the altar. Although no maker’s mark can be seen, they are all of the same style and have similar layouts. Each window has a border of red, blue, and gold foliage.


Window 1 has a nativity scene in the main panel. The round panel above shows a pelican and oak leaves. The round panel below shows a tunic and three dice.

In the lower section of the window is an inscription:

To the Glory of God and in memory of the
fallen of this Parish in the Great War 1914-18.


Window 2 has the Crucifixion scene in the main panel. The round panel above shows the IHS symbol. The round panel below is concealed by the reredos, but it shows three nails and a crown of thorns.

There is no inscription.


Window 3 has the ascension in the main panel. The round panel above shows a lamb carrying a banner. The round panel below shows a column with foliage on the capital, a spear and a whip with three ends.

The inscription in the lower panel reads:

These windows were erected as a Thank-
offering by a grateful people A D 1920.

South Aisle


Window 4 is in the south wall of the south aisle. It has an ornate foliage design at the top in white and yellow with dark blue sky at the top. The central figure is a woman in rich white, gold, and red robes, with a barefoot child in a ragged blue tunic beside her. Below this image is the word ‘Charity’.

The inscription at the bottom of the window says:

To the Glory of God and to the
Beloved memory of William Bruce Edge,
Who died August 28th 1929, and of
Mary Ann his wife who died April 2nd 1922.

The window shows a makerís mark of a crown drawn in black.



Window 5 is a triple lancet window at the west end of the church. No maker’s mark was seen, but the widow is modern in style and the faculty for its installation was granted on 18 January 1949. Around the edge of each window are various Christian symbols forming a border; these include a chalice, a dove, the chi-ro, crosses, a flame and the IHS symbol. Each window then has the same pattern of a large circular picture showing a contemporary situation with a one- or two-word title, then a smaller circular picture showing a biblical scene and the words of an associated Bible verse.

The windows are in memory of three sisters, members of the Trickett family. There is an inscription along the bottom of each window. From left to right, the inscriptions read:

To the Glory of God and in memory of ELIZABETH TRICKETT

Shown on the left window, from the top, are the following images. First, a red shield with gold crossed keys and a crown, topped by a bishop’s mitre and stole. Next, a vicar seated in a chair with a man kneeling in front of him, and the word ‘PENANCE’. Below is a smaller panel showing Jesus raising his hand in blessing over a group of disciples with the words ‘WHOSE SO EVER SINS YE SHALL REMIT THEY ARE REMITTED UNTO THEM’. Then comes a larger circle showing a bishop seated on a large chair with a vicar kneeling in front of him and the bishop’s hand resting on the vicar’s head. Two other vicars stand by, and the words ‘HOLY ORDERS’ accompany this image. Below is an image of Jesus with both arms raised surrounded by his disciples and the words ‘GO YE THEREFORE AND TEACH ALL NATIONS’.

At the top of the centre window is a view of a baptism taking place at a font. Three adults watch the vicar holding a baby and another man stands behind the vicar. The word BAPTISM is next to the image. Below is a picture of Jesus and another man in discussion with the verse ‘EXCEPT A MAN BE BORN of WATER & of the SPIRIT HE CANNOT ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD’. Next comes an image showing a bishop on his throne with a vicar standing beside him. There are two boys in suits kneeling in front of him while two girls in white dresses and a woman are standing. The title is ‘CONFIRMATION’. Below this is an image of two men (apostles?) laying hands on the heads of kneeling people with the verse ‘THEN LAID THEY THEIR HANDS ON THEM & THEY RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST’. The next large picture is a vicar in front of an altar with four people kneeling at the altar rail receiving communion, with the title ‘EUCHARIST’. The biblical scene below is Jesus at the Last Supper with a disciple each side of him and the verse ‘TAKE EAT THIS IS MY BODY’.

The window on the right has at the top a blue shield with three circular symbols of water, topped by a bishop’s mitre and stole. Below this is a wedding scene with the bride and groom flanked by two other men facing the vicar who is in the centre. The word ‘MATRIMONY’ accompanies the image. The smaller image below shows Jesus, arms raised, speaking to a man and a woman. The words around this read ‘WHAT THEREFORE GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER’. The next image is an elderly man on a bed with a vicar beside him. The vicar has his hand on the man’s shoulder and a woman kneels beside the bed. The word next to this image is ‘UNCTION’. Below is a picture of a man seated reading a book and there is a banner with the words ‘ST. JAMES THE LESS’. The verse next to this image reads ‘LET HIM CALL FOR THE ELDERS OF THE CHURCH ANOINTING HIM IN THE NAME OF THE LORD’.