St Bartholomew


On the 11th Oct 1665 the church was reported as in good repair except for the bell frame which they were intending to repair.

There are three bells described below:

  Inscription Founder Date Size Weight

‘Iesus Be Ovr Speed’

George Oldfield I 1664 32.63 5-3-26

‘God Save The Chvrch Ovr Qveene And Realme’

Henry Oldfield II 1602 35.75 8-1-7

‘My Sovnd It Is Each Man To Call To Serve The Lord: Both Great And Small’

Thomas Hedderley I 1741 39.632 10-1-2

The bells and bell frame Bell by George
I Oldfield
1664 date on the bell
by George I Oldfield

The frame is a substantial wooden frame, Elphick type ‘V’, Pickford Group 6.B., and one of the beams supporting the belfry floor appears to have the date 1757 incised.