Kneesall St Bartholomew

List of Incumbents

Although Thoroton mentions one early priest complete records commence in the 13th century. The advowson from 1545 was in the hands of the Pierrepont family of Holme Pierrepont in the various titles attributable to that family. The following list was produced in 1950:



Advowson and notes

Thomas son of Paulinius

circa 1150

Norton priory

Hugh de Norvico

1226 to 1272

Norton priory

Robert Nowell

1272 to 1310

Norton priory

William Thorntoft

1310 to 1350

Norton priory, Note 5

John Gylby (Gilby)

1350 to 1400

Norton priory




John Southwell

1446 to 1480

Norton priory to 1459, then unknown




William Thriste (Thrift)

1535 to 1545


Robert Mowbery

1545 to 1576

Pierrepont family

Luke Mason

1576 to 1631

Earl of Kingston, Note 8

William Clough

1631 to 1656

Earl of Kingston, Note 4 and Note 6

John Turner

1656 to 1662

Earl of Kingston

Thomas Bosworth (Curate)

1654 to 1657

Earl of Kingston




William Stevenson

1681 to 1685

Earl of Kingston

Martin Horbery

1685 to 1690

Earl of Kingston

Thomas Hawkins

1691 to 1718

Earl of Kingston, Note 7

Henry Smith

1718 to 1719

Earl of Kingston, Note 3

Thomas Cooper

1719 to 1745

Earl of Kingston, Note 1

Samuel Abson

1745 to 1759

Earl of Kingston

William Law

1759 to 1817

Ear of Kingston/Viscount Newark

James Cox

1817 to 1818

Earl of Kingston


1818 to 1826

Earl of Kingston

Samuel Oliver

1826 to 1831

Earl Manvers

John Ison

1831 to 1843

Earl Manvers

John Chell

1843 to 1863

Earl Manvers

George Russel Chell

1863 to 1911

Earl Manvers

Arthur Collier

1912 to 1915

Earl Manvers

Noel Prentice

1916 to 1923

Earl Manvers

Alexander Allen

1923 to 1938

Earl Manvers

Basil Evans

1938 to 1946

Earl Manvers

William Lloyd-Jones

1946 to 1952

Earl Manvers

Ronald Sargison

1952 to 1954

Earl Manvers

John H N Thomsen

1955 to 1962


Kenneth G Thompson

1962 to 1974

Suspended, See Note 2

Billie James

1974 to 1983


G Clive Handford

1983 to 1984


Derek Hailes

1984 to 1986


Michael Tipper

1987 to 1991


Valerie Rampton

1993 to 2002


David Moore

2004 to 2007


Christopher Levy

2007 to date



1. Thomas Cooper made a return to Archbishop Herring in the autumn of 1743 in which he states he was inducted on the 2nd December 1719.
2. Kenneth G Thompson was archdeacon of Newark 1965 to 1965 and Bishop of Sherwood 1965 to 1974
3. Master of Arts, Oxford 1716
4. Fosters directory gives William Hewitt as rector 1638 but may well have been curate.
5. The papal records for Feb 1308 at Poitiers state that William Thorntoft was requested by Cardinal St Sabina to also hold the churches of Warlington, Foston and Doderhull in the dioceses of Lincoln, York and Worcester at a value of 147 marks and to enjoy the fruits of Woketon, Tiversholt and Brune Candevere in the diocese of Lincoln, and Winchester which he has resigned as well as the benefits of the above mentioned churches which he has held without dispensation.  It is clear that Thorntoft was an absentee incumbent.
On the 1st July 1309 at Avignon and at the same cardinal’s request William was asked to assume the rectorship of two other benefices both un-named with a value of 100 marks
6. In the summer of 1634 William Clough was called before the Consistory Court in York for defaming John Garnon of Kersall Hamlet in the church. William was accused of slandering John from the pulpit during a sermon by naming him as failing to attend divine service and travelling to hear non-conformist preachers instead. John appears to have lost.
7. In the summer of 1698 the vicar of Kneesall Thomas Hawkins was called as a witness on behalf of William Mompesson then the vicar of Eakring. Mompesson was the famous incumbent of Eyam during the plague of 1666 and he appears to have been accused of adultery. The outcome is unknown. The churchwardens complained that Hawkins did not reside in the parish.
8. In 1603 the churchwardens presented details of Luke Mason. They said that he was a student of St John’s college Oxford but has no benefice, only £10 paid by Southwell out of which he has to find 43s 4d for rent since no house is provided. The chapel at Boughton is 2 miles distant but he gets no recompense for the services. We have no recusants or papists but have 260 communicants with 160 under the age of 14. Mason’s curate may well have been Robert Hargreaves as in 1622 he was reported to the bishop for not wearing a surplus or signing with a cross during a baptism.
The vicar’s stipend was raised to £400 from 1938 (Ma 3 E/2085)