St Bartholomew


There is no colouring or staining in any of the glass, all are clear. Those in the nave are square leaded whereas the chancel windows are diamond leaded.

South aisle

West window stonework and tracery was repaired in 1990’s, along with the glazing and ferramenta.

The two perpendicular windows to south aisle have been reglazed and some stonework replaced.

Stonework to the east window in the south aisle has been repaired and reglazed.


The west window of the chancel has been releaded and reglazed.

The Central window has been repaired, glazing repaired, re-leaded and ferramenta renewed.

Defective stonework in east window has been replaced as has the glazing, lead cames and ferramenta.

The east window has been repaired along with the glazing.

The north window has been repaired – unspecified.