Langford St Bartholomew


The organ, from Swinderby Methodist Church, was installed in 1998. On its right hand side can be seen the lever for the bellows, which has been replaced by an electrical mechanism.

The organ was built by Ernest Walklet of East Didbury, Manchester, in the late 19th century. Priestly (1993) has documented its history:


Moved from Anglesey to St Giles Methodist Church, Lincoln and re-assembled by J L Taylor of Walklet & Taylor of Lincoln.


Taken down and re-assembled by J L Taylor at the Great northern Street Methodist Church, Lincoln


Dismantled and reassembled in Swinderby Methodist Church by J L Taylor and W H Chantry


Dismantled and re-assembled in St Bartholomew’s Church Langford in July/August by Julian Paul and Harry Hill of Ingham, Lincoln.