St Ann with Emmanuel


The church of St Ann with Emmanuel was formed by the unification of the two former parishes of St. Ann and Emmanuel. Both churches were within the St. Ann’s district of Nottingham. St Ann’s Church (1864-1971) was located on St Ann’s Well Road, and Emmanuel Church was to the west of the district on Woodborough Road (1885-1971). They were originally linked by a network of streets lined with densely packed terrace houses, shops and commercial buildings. They were, and still are, joined by a wide green pedestrian walkway, Robin Hood Chase.

The new united church is built on the lower south side of ‘The Chase’. The buildings lining each side of Robin Hood Chase were not the small terraced houses general to the area, but imposing three-storey structures, many set high on a bank protected by Bulwell stone walls which were topped by wrought iron railings. Wrought iron gates at the bottom of a flight of York stone steps led to the front doors, which were decorated with stained glass panels. The tradesman’s entrance was at the rear. A few of these houses remain, but most succumbed to demolition in the 1970s. One group of houses was removed to create a site for the new St. Ann with Emmanuel Church.

Foundation stone

The foundation stone for the new church was laid in September 1972, and the completed building was consecrated in April 1974. In the period between the closure of the old churches and the opening of the new building, services were held at the nearby Hungerhill Junior School.