Nottingham St Mary

List of Incumbents

Vicars of St Mary’s

Date Name Patron
1086 Aitard Unknown
1170s Roger de Poynibeck Unknown
1179 Reginald of St. Mary Unknown
1181c Elias of St. Mary Unknown
1191 Silvester of Nottingham Unknown
1226 Nicholas Unknown
1228 Thomas de Punignal (Puingnant) The Archbishop of York by Lapse
1230s Richard Unknown
c1235 Nicholas (? of Ostia) The Archbishop of York by Lapse
c1250 Philip de Norhamptone Unknown
c1266 William de Birley Unknown
c1279 Robert de Adinburg Unknown
1289 Richard de Notingham Unknown
1290 John de Ely King Edward I, holding Lenton Priory
1304 Robert de Dalby The Prior and Convent of Lenton
1313 Henry de Parva Halam Same Patron
1317 John de Ludham Same Patron
1322 John fil William Cosyn Same Patron
1347 John de la Launde King Edward III, then holding Lenton Priory
1347 Robert de Wakebrigge Same Patron
1348 Richard de Radclyff Same Patron
1348 Roger de Nydingworth Same Patron
1349 Richard de Swanyngton Same Patron
1351 Thomas Pascayl Same Patron
1357 John Chatarez Same Patron
1357 John Lorymer, of Hoveden Same Patron
1364 John de Stapleford The Prior and Convent
1371 William de Sandyacre Edward III, holding the Priory
1374 Robert de Retford Same Patron
1401 Richard de Chilwell The Prior and Convent.
1409 William Ode Same Patron
1442 William Wryght Same Patron
1461 John Hurt, S.T.D. Same Patron
1476 Thomas Turner, M.A. Same Patron
1498 John Greve, S.T.B. Same Patron
1499 Symeon Yates, Dec. B. Same Patron
1504 Richard Taverner LL.B. Same Patron
1534 Richard Mathew, Dec.B. The Assignee of the Priory and Convent.
1535 Richard Wylde, M.A. The Prior and Convent.
1554 Oliver Hawood Philip and Mary
1568 John Lowthe, LL.B. Queen Elizabeth I
1572 William Underne Same Patron
1578 Robert Aldridge Same Patron
1616 Oliver Wytherington, M.A. William Wetherington, Gent.
1616 John Tolson, S.T.B. Sir Robert Pierrepont
1617 Ralph Hansby, M.A. The Assignee of the preceding
1635 Edmund Lacock, B.D. Robert Earl of Kingston
1645 William Howitt (Presbyterian?)
1647/8 Nicholas Folkingham (Presbyterian)
1649 Jonathan Boole (Presbyterian)
1651 John Whitlock M.A.
William Reynolds, M.A.
Appointed by Joint suffrage of the Congregation
1662 George Masterson, M.A. Sir Robert Pierrepont
1686 Samuel Crowborough, D.D. Earl of Kingston
1690 Benjamin Camfield, M.A. Same Patron
1694 Timothy Caryl, M.A. Earl of Kingston
1698 Edward Clarke, M.A. Same Patron
1708 Samuel Berdmore, M.A. Marquis of Dorchester
1723 John Disney, M.A. Duke of Kingston
1730 Thomas Berdmore, M.A. Archbishop of York
1743 Scrope Berdmore, D.D. Duke of Kingston
1770 Nathan Haines, D.D. Same Patron
1806 John Bristow, D.D. Earl Manvers
1810 George Hutchinson, M.A. Same Patron
1817 George Wilkins, D.D. Same Patron
1843 Joshua William Brooks, M.A. Same Patron
1864 Francis Morse, M.A. Same Patron
1884 John Gray Richardson, M.A. Bishop of Southwell
1900 Arthur Hamilton Baynes, D.D., Bp. Same Patron
1913 Thomas Field, D.D. Same Patron
1926 James Geoffrey Gordon, M.A. Same Patron
1933 Neville Stuart Talbot, D.D., Bp. Same Patron
1943 Robert Henry Hawkins, M.A. Same Patron
1958 Douglas Russell Feaver, M.A. Same Patron
1973 Michael James Jackson, M.A. Queen Elizabeth II
1991 James Edward McKenzie Neale, B.A. Bishop of Southwell
2004 Andrew Deuchar Same Patron
2009 Christopher Harrison Same Patron


The list of Vicars
on display in
the church

Nicholas (inst. 1226 and 1235) was nephew of Hugo Bishop of Ostia, later Pope Gregory IX.

In the late 1230s Richard was Vicar of St. Mary’s and possibly Dean of Nottingham.

The rapid succession of incumbents between 1347 and 1351 was an indication of the havoc wrought by the Black Death, which carried off two-thirds of the clergy.

In 1354 Thomas Pascayl appeared at the Borough Court, where he was accused of rape and robbery. He questioned the right of the court to try him, judgement was put in respite until the next court. There seems to be no further record on this matter.

From 1454-1462 John Hurt was a Doctor of Divinity at Cambridge and was a co-founder and Master of Christ’s College. He willed his valuable library to Cambridge Colleges. He was vicar of St Mary’s from 1462-1467.

The Vicar in Henry VIII’s reign Richard Wylde held office through the Reformation period, and into the reign of Queen Mary, and his successor remained into the reign of Queen Elizabeth I; thus illustrating the continuity of the Church.

Whitlock and Reynolds ‘whose friendship was such that they seemed to have but one soul’ were styled ‘Preaching Elders’.

Canon Francis Morse, Vicar from 1864 to 1886, was Chairman of the School Board and one of the founders of the Nottingham High School for Girls.

In July 2003 Canon Eddie Neale retired from his position of Vicar of St Mary’s. An interregnum followed, the vacuum being filled by the Lecturer, the Rev Stephen Morris. In April 2004 the Rev Andrew Deuchar the Rector of St Peter’s and All Saints’ became Priest in Charge at St Mary’s. In March 2008 Canon Deuchar ceased to be Priest in Charge, and the Rev Christopher Harrison was licensed in February 2009.

Pictures of Some of the Clergy

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John Disney,
inst. 1723
George Wilkins
inst. 1817
Canon Joshua
William Brooks
inst. 1843
Francis Morse
inst. 1864
Archdeacon John
Gray Richardson
inst. 1884
Bishop Arthur
Hamilton Baynes
inst. 1900