Nottingham St Mary


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives Office

Parish Registers: Baptisms from 1566, Marriages from 1566, Burials from 1566.

Churchwardens Accounts 1583-1584, 1589-1590, 1590-1591.

Minute Book of the Vicar and Churchwardens 1882-1889, 1898-1916.

Terriers and Charities 1687-1825.

Church Accounts Minute Book 1916-1944.

Guild Roll, The Guild of St. Mary 1371.

Faculties. Numerous references used.

St. Mary’s Ephemera.

Lincolnshire Archives

To Restore the Church 1866 FB7/101.

Borthwick Institute York

York Archiepiscopal Registers Markham 1777-1807 Folio 241-242.

Faculties Book 3 1793-1816 Folio 351-2 Stretton and Cooper 1804.

Accounts of the Churchwardens of St. Mary’s 1589-1590.

Nottingham University Hallward Library

Archdeaconry of Nottingham Presentment Bills 1722.

Lambeth Palace Library

Correspondence, Archdeacon Wilkins, Enlargement and Improvement to the seating accommodation ICBS 316, 1821.

Letters from Revd. J. M. Brooks to Bishop of Lincoln Ref. 03338, 1844.

Plans ICBS 02364 Folio 19ff (1838-1840) ICBS 0338b (1843-1848) ICBS 0338c (1843-1848)

Birmingham City Archives

Hardman Collection Day Book 1880 Nos. 448, 492.

Hardman Collection Day Book 1870-1877 No. 54.

Published Sources

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Nottingham Journal, Removal of the Galleries, October 4th 1839.

Nottingham Journal, Restoration of St. Mary’s Church, May 19th 1848.

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