Pleasley Hill St Barnabas


The organ is located in a dedicated recess on the north side of the chancel.

The original was installed in 1908 but the details are unknown.

Pleasley Hill, St. Barnabas was the first 'transplant' organ that Henry Groves installed, in 1958. The cost was £800. It came from a Methodist church in Retford.

The instrument may be a Lloyd, built c1910, but more probably by Hardy of Stockport. It has a mechanical action key and stop action, with pneumatic pedal action. The organ was repaired in 2016.


Great: Open Diapason 8ft, Stopped Diapason 8ft, Gamba 8ft, Principal 4ft, Fifteenth 2ft;  

Swell: Violin Diapason 8ft, Gedact 8ft, Salicional 8ft, Celeste 8ft, Wald Flute 4ft, Cornopean 8ft, Oboe 8ft;    

Pedal: Bourdon 16ft, Bass Flute 8ft;  

Couplers: Swell to Great, Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal.