Rossington St Michael


North section of
the churchyard
South section of
the churchyard
Monument to Eleanor
Stovin (1808)
Churchyard extension

The churchyard surrounds the church on four sides. To the south is a major extension. The original churchyard is approximately square in shape measuring 0.4 ha with the church offset towards the south-west corner. The principal access is through gates at the north-west corner. The boundary on the east, north and west sides is an iron rail set on a low brick and stone footing; to the south there is a brick wall dividing the old from the extension churchyards. There are a number of mature trees.

To the east of the south door is the burial place of James Boswell or Bosville, ‘King of the Gypsies’, who was buried here on 30 January 1708. Reputedly the gypsies visited the grave yearly to pour a flagon of ale over it. No evidence of the grave now exists. The earliest grave marker appears to be 1789 at the south-west.

There are many other 19th century grave markers, but burials are no longer allowed and instead there is an active policy of burying ashes in a large area of the churchyard. When we visited many of the ashes memorials had flowers on them making for a very pleasant environment.