Rossington St Michael


Archival Sources

The National Archives

Tax assessment and schedule of exemptions E179/68/38 rot 1d m 1d 

Tax assessment E179/64/302 f 1v

Tax assessment E179/64/304 f4

Borthwick Institute

Faculty papers 1897/14

University of Nottingham Manuscripts and Special Collections

Churchwardens' presentment AN/PB 292/1/folio 12v/2

Churchwardens' presentment AN/PB 294/2/174

Churchwardens' presentment AN/PB 341/2/41

Churchwardens' presentment AN/PB 341/3/41

Churchwardens' presentment AN/PB 347/798

Parochial visitation order and certificate AN/PB 347/849/2

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