St Alban


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Key to Glass

1.Located high in the Lady Chapel is a colourful window of three lights with the central light slightly taller than the outer lights. It has reticulated tracery above. The centre light depicts the Virgin Mary with crossed arms with the text below on a scroll reading 'Ave Domina Anglorium'.

On the right light two angels each with clasped hands look to her. The scrolled text reads 'Salve [???] die Portia'.

A square panel of text is also located in the lower right corner but is unreadable from ground level.

Likewise the left light has two angels with the text 'Ave Regina celorum'.

The design of this window is attributed to the firm Burleson & Grylls and it was installed in July 1915 at a cost of £200.

2.This is the central window of the church. It is set high in the east wall over the altar and commemorates Canon Hutton, the founder of St Alban’s.

It has five lights, the central one being much taller than the two outer supporting lights. The arch is filled with reticulated tracery.

Light from left to right:

Upper section





St Hilary

St Alban

Christ on the cross

with the text:

It is finished

St ????

St Christopher

Lower section





St Gregory

St Jerome

Behold handmaid

of the Lord

St Ambrose

St Augustus

All the lights are very colourful with use of blue, gold and red tones.

The manufacture is again attributed to Burleson & Grylls, costing about £500.


This is of the same design as Window 1. It is a memorial window installed c1898.

From left to right the lights are dedicated to St. Raphael, St Michael and St Gabriel.

Along the bottom of the light is the text 'Sub tutela Michaelis Pax in terra, pax in coelis Ica[r]us et jubilatio.'

St Gabriel also holds a scroll with the text 'Ave Maria gratis plena'.

The memorial dedication is located at the bottom of the central light and reads:

Of your charity pray for
the soul of G. A. Wilson
who died Jan 22nd 1893
On whose soul God
have mercy. Amen.

4.A short window with three flat headed lights enclosed in a stonework frame. The glazing is lozenge shaped cathedral glass.

5. This window is the same design as Window 4 but is slightly taller and has four lights.

6.This window has three tall lights with the outer two shorter than the centre and topped with trefoil heads, while the centre light has a cinquefoil head. It has reticulated tracery above.

The left light depicts St Amphibious, the centre light depicts St Alban and the right light shows the Venerable Bede.

A memorial panel is set into the lower section of the centre light, but is only partially recordable due to the siting of an altar below it.

Of your charity pray for the soul of Harriett Pearce...

A record suggests that it was installed in 1917 and it is attributed to a Nottingham company Pope and Parr.

7.This light is of the same design as window 6 and is probably by the same maker.

The subjects depicted in this light are less ornate than window 6 and the glazing is predominantly set in rectangles. The theme of the light is recorded across all three lights ‘Suffer little children to come unto me’. The children in the left light are looking to the centre panel that shows Jesus holding a child, with two more children at his feet. The right panel has two children looking left at Jesus. At the bottom of each of the outer lights is a small panel with text, but it is not legible.

8-9.These two tall windows each have two lights terminated by quatrefoil heads and surmounted by a six-sided light set in a curved triangle that fills the outer arch. The two main lights are set in rectangular glazing bars with lozenge shaped cathedral glass of varying hues.

10.The west wall has only one window, it is however of substantial dimensions, with four tall lights of equal height terminated by cinquefoil heads with ornate tracery above. The entire window is glazed as Windows 8 and 9.

11-12.The lower window light 11 is set halfway up the tower and is a small light with a trefoil head glazed with lozenge shaped leaded cathedral glass.  Window 12 is near the top of the tower and is a narrow rectangular light with the same glazing as window 11.

13-17.All these windows are the same design and dimensions as Windows 8 and 9.