Strelley All Saints


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives

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DD1292/8 Altar table
DD1392/8, Glass.
DD 1392/9, TLK Edge notes.
DDE 62/3, Sequestration of Strelley on the death of Rev’d John Francis, 1722.
DDE 206/19-31, Restoration work on Strelley Church, 1855-56.
DDE 206/47, Strelley school agreement, 1903.
DDE 209/53, Strelley brass.
DR 1-3-1202 Sequestration of Rev’d Benjamin Williams
PR 1627, Church Warden’s levies,1748-1781.
PR 1636, Lists of Strelley registers, 1654-1812.
PR 1648/1-8, Overseers levies for the relief of the poor, 1748-1809.
PR 1674. SY2/1-4S, Church plan, 1855.
PR 1676, List of inhabitants of Strelley, c1800.
PR 1787/1-20, Overseers accounts.
PR 10070, Registers, 1813-1903
PR 10077, Church Warden’s accounts 1794-1922; Vestry minutes, 1848-1935.
PR 17112, Churchwardens accounts, 1848-1935
PR 17113-2, Demolition of Strelley rectory.
PR 17113-6-1, The Nottingham Journal, 18, October, 1927.
PR 17113-6-2, Dedication of the memorial side chapel.
PR 22223, Registers, 1923-1941.
PR 22225, Relaxation of the sequestration Of Rev’d Williams, 1906.
PR 22226/1-18, Church accounts, 1910-1929.
PR 22227, PCC accounts and minutes, 1920-1977.
PR 22228, Notes on Strelley Church by R. T. Edge.

Lambeth Palace Library

NS/7/1/1170, Bilborough and Strelley 1933-1976.

University of Nottingham, Manuscripts and Special Collections

AN/PB 292/3/55, Churchwardens’ presentment 1597
AN/PB 293/9/26, Churchwardens’ presentment 3 May 1603

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