Thorpe St Laurence


Archival Sources

The National Archives

E179/68/7 m1

Schedule of arrears c.1303

E179/63/241 rot 2

Assessment roll 1406

University of Nottingham Manuscripts and Special Collections

AN/PB 294/1/131

Thorpe iuxta Newarke 1603

AN/PB 326/8/18

Thorpe 18.5.1625

AN/PB 328/15/39

Thorpe 24.4.1639

AN/PB 331/296

Thorpe 22.4.1684

AN/PB 321/846

Thorpe 16.5.1718

AN/PB 334/623

Thorpe 17.10.1718

Nottingham Central Library, Local Studies Library

Torre Manuscript

Published Sources

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Newspaper Articles

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