Tythby Holy Trinity


Bells and bellframe Badge of George
I Oldfield

The tower contains a ring of two bells:

  Inscription Size Weight
1 GOD SAVE HIS CHVRCH 1662 27" c4cwt
2 GOD SAVE THE KING 1662 29" c4.5cwt

Hung for swing chiming in a low sided wooden frame for two bells, possibly 18th century, though it may originate from the same time as the bell castings. The bells are now fitted with ball bearings and fabricated steel headstocks by Hayward Mills Associates 1994.

The bells are a pair cast by George I Oldfield of Nottingham.

In 1552 it was recorded that the bells were: 'ij bell wt a lesser bell callyd a sauntes bell ij hand belles, a sacryng bell and a houslyng bell'.