Tythby Holy Trinity

List of Incumbents

The following is an incomplete list of those who have ministered at Tythby Church, but is as much as can currently be ascertained.

Name Dates Position Comments
William Bucknall 1650 Clerke  
Nicolaus Charlesworth 1676    
John Aslie 1687 Curate  
John Guy 1714 Curate  
Thomas Hebblethwaite 1727-64 Curate  
William Smith 1764 Curate  
John Davenport 1771 Minister  
William Smith 1788-94 Minister  
Henry Smith ? 1795 Minister  
William Smith 1796 Curate  
Henry Smith 1797 Minister  
John Davenport 1798-9 Minister  
John Davenport 1799-1800 Curate  
John Davenport 1804-1824 Perpetual Curate 1824 J. Kellet & E. Pelling Curates
Edward Palling 1825           Curate  
P.H. Palmer 1828 Curate Priested 1827
Edward Palling 1832 Vicar P.H. Palmer officiates
P.H. Palmer 1832 Curate ?  
Joshua Brooke 1834 Curate  
Joshua Brooke 1843-79 Vicar of Colston Bassett
Perpetual Curate of Tythby cum Cropwell Butler
assisted by curate
Edmund Hinchcliffe 1871 Curate  
Edward? MacCrae   Curate  
Woodcock   Curate  
Francis Clifton Cursham 1879-1902 Vicar Resident at Cropwell Butler
Eccles Waring 1902 Minister Resident at Cropwell Butler
James Edward Hathorn Wood 1920-22    
John Ridgway 1923-4    
David Edwin Lilley 1925-38    
Will. Arthur Ward Leese 1947-56    
Daniel Ivor Evans 1953-57    
John Craig 1958-63    
George Phillip Davidson 1963-72    
John Milner 1973    
Colin Perkins 1980-94    
Andrew Wigram 1996-2004    
Bronwen Gamble 2006-