East Drayton St Peter


The southern part of
the churchyard from
the church tower

The churchyard covers 1.094 acres (0.454 hectares) and surrounds the church on all four sides.

It stands in the north-west sector formed by the crossroads of North Green on the east, Church Lane on the south, the old manor house on the west, and a private house and farm land to the north.

There is a low stone wall (repaired in 1946) to the south and east; hedges and mature trees to the north and west; mature trees to the south. There is one path leading from the gate on North Green, running parallel to the south side of the church to the south Porch. The laying of the path is dedicated to the memory of Rosamund and William Lowe, and the gates are dedicated to the memory of Vera Small.

There are 187 grave stones recorded in the churchyard. Burial records date from 1755.

A pair of headstones 12 metres south of the south aisle and dated 1725 and 1735 are listed Grade II.

A fine spreading Yew tree (taxus baccata) stands south of the Porch and by trunk measurement is estimated to be approximately 300 years old. There are several other mature trees surrounding the boundaries of the churchyard.

The churchyard is still in use. The maintenance and care of the churchyard is under the care of the church with occasional grants from East Drayton Parish Council.

Plans are in hand, and a grant has been obtained to rebuild a lych gate to replace one demolished in the 1950s. A St Peter’s cross was saved from the old gate and will be erected on the new gate.