East Stoke
St Oswald


Stone type Element where found Location of quarry
Triassic ‘skerry’ sandstone West tower, vestry plinth, chancel footings, south aisle Probably within or next to East Stoke
Lincolnshire limestone West tower quoins, west tower west window, chancel quoins, chancel east window, south aisle (main walls), small internal piers to west tower, decoration to chancel arch, chancel south windows Lincolnshire
Lower Jurassic blue lias West tower repairs, chancel  
Ancaster limestone West tower west window Ancaster
‘Sherwood’ sandstone Nave (including windows) Possibly Gedling or Kingsmill
Sandstone ‘Millstone Grit’ Vestry window, north porch, chancel south windows Derbyshire (Birchover)
‘Barnac’ ragstone South porch, Barnack, Stamford
‘Mansfield Red’ sandstone Chancel repairs Mansfield
‘Mansfield White’ sandstone South aisle repairs, tombs and markers Mansfield
Oolitic limestone Font  
Magnesian limestone Small marker on tower  
Triassic ‘Gedling’ sandstone Internal nave piers Gedling
Swithland slate, welsh slate and granite Tombs and markers  
Pink alabaster, white Italian Marble and Bora Paunce Internal memorials  

With thanks to Dr Graham Lott of the British Geological Survey for the information on the Stonework.