St Mary


The L-shaped Churchyard covers an area of approximately one acre and is mostly covered with grass and trees. The boundaries to the North, South and East are marked by brick walls approximately four feet high. The boundary to the West is marked by a stone wall of similar height. There are entrances to the churchyard via wrought iron gates in the North, East and West walls. There are tarmac footpaths leading to the Church entrance doors from these gates and around the exterior of the building.

After the fire of 1963 and prior to the building of the current Church all the gravestones were removed from their original positions and relocated and laid flat to the ground along the North-East boundary wall in the south side of the Churchyard where they remain today. These gravestones are dated throughout the nineteenth century. The Churchyard was closed to burials by Order of Council dated 14th September 1915.

Some Views of the Churchyard

Looking towards the south-east Looking north-west The north-east corner where the stones have been laid Detail of the gravestones