St Mary

Monuments and Memorials

There are no large monuments within the Church however there are a number of small brown ‘plastic’ plaques attached to the walls and pews with inscriptions on. These are in the size range three inches by two inches up to four inches by three inches.

Those attached to pews are:-

In memory of James Clarke Lord died April 18 1971

This seat is in loving memory of Louis Fuller Rowley. Born 9th November 1904. Died 8th March 1978

In memory of Jesse Anne Dallison

This seat is in memory of Dora. Wife of Frank Whiteman. Born November 30th 1891. Died July 29th 1967

This seat is in memory of Florence Marion Rowley. Born 8th December 1875. Died 9th May 1972

This seat is in memory of Basil and Donald Soar choristers of this Church

Attached to a pillar adjacent to the choir area there is a plaque inscribed

George Henry Long Choir Master. Died February 19th 1968.

In the main entrance vestibule there is a brass plaque attached to the foundation stone inscribed.

This Stone from the old Church destroyed by fire 18th March 1963 was laid by the Bishop of Sherwood The Rt Rev Kenneth Thompson MA on the 16 December 1966.

Under this inscription are the names D G Goodman Rector and J L Ruffle Curate.

In the centre of the East wall of the Morning Chapel there is a plaque inscribed

In ever loving memory of Patrick C H T Robey Born in Eastwood 12th January 1931.

Over the entrance door to the lounge there is a plaque inscribed

The Stanley D Turner Memorial Lounge

On the lounge book case there is a plaque inscribed

In memory of William Bartlett 1897-1980.