Elston All Saints

List of Incumbents





By 1268



24th April 1271

Henry Moryn

John de Eleston

24th November 1290

William de Eleston - temporarily suspended 1307-1308


10th April 1345

Reginald de Cotum

John, Son of John de Mountenay

1st August 1349

Thomas of Brough under Stainmore - Westmorland

Robert de Mountenay

9th April 1350

John, son of Thomas de Golhall

Robert de Mountenay

8th March 1375

Thomas de Anglehill

Sir John de Bosevile

20th December 1404

John, son of Henry de Hethe

Achilles Bosevile

4th April 1430

William Assebery

John Bosvile and William Mirfeld

25th October 1431

William Couper

John Bosvile and William Mirfeld

9th March 1449

John Hesylwood

Sir John Busshy

11th May 1490

Sebastian Gardiner

Archbishop of York

28th March 1533

Gregory Cook

Robert Nevill and Alice, his wife

daughter of William Boswell

21st July 1571

Laurence Pendleton

George Nevill of Grove

9th July 1610

Richard Gymney

Sir Francis Leeke

5th September 1612

John Robibson, M.A.

Nicholas Lodge of Rolleston

15th April 1637

George Darker

William Wightman


1658 – 1662 No Rector was recorded


27th September 1662

Richard Grant, M.A.

William Wightman

28th May 1663

Edward Grant, M.A., Prebendary of Southwell 1672-1679

William Wightman

19th July 1679

John Mason, M.A., B.D., Prebendary of Southwell 1679-1688

Richard Wightman

19th April 1681

John Smith, B.A.

John Lascells

21st May 1683

George Lascells, M.A.

John Lascells

14th May 1702

John South, M.A.

Ann Lascells, widow

11th November 1732

George Chappell, B.A., Vicar of Barnby in the Willows 1718-1766;

Assistant Curate of Thorpe 1732-1762

Robert Darwin

18th March 1766

John Darwin, M.A. Rector of Carlton Scroop, Lincolnshire 1762-1805

Robert W. Darwin

14th August 1805

Edward Cowley

Robert W. Darwin

17th February 1815

John Darwin, B.A.

Robert W. Darwin

31st March 1819

John Holt, M.A. Vicar of Wrawby, Lincolnshire 1799-1835;

Vicar of Gringley on the Hill 1802-1835;

Vicar of Kelstern, Lincolnshire 1803-1835

William B. Darwin

16th June 1836

Henry Robert Harrison, M.A., Rural Dean of Newark 1836

William B. Darwin

26th September 1853

Frederick Swire, B.A.

Erasmus A. Darwin


From 1872 Rectors of Elston were also Curates of the Elston Chapelry


15th January 1887

George Palmes, M.A.

Francis Darwin

4th November 1893

John Delahaize Ouvry, M.A.

Francis Darwin

20th February 1904

Charles Wilfred Whitfield, M.A.

Francis Darwin


From 1904 until 1952 Rectors of Elston were also Vicars of Sibthorpe


8th November 1922

Charles Wilfred Howard

Charles W. Darwin

21st September 1932

Joseph Tonge Paddison, M.A.

Charles J. W. Darwin

13th January 1934

William Henry Barnes

Charles J. W. Darwin

3rd June 1937

Ernest F. A. Blenkin, M.A.

Charles J. W. Darwin

3rd July 1939

Harold Theophilus Pritchard

Charles J. W. Darwin

26th September 1947

Raymond Samual Foster, B.D., Ph.D.

Mrs. V. Kindersley

21st October 1952

Albert Victor Astin

Mrs. V. Kindersley


From 1952 Rectors of Elston were also Vicars of East Stoke and Syerston


16th March 1961

Roger Milton Whitehead, M.A.

Mrs. V. Kindersley

9th February 1965

Arthur John Evans, M.A. Canon of Southwell from 1959

Mrs. V. Kindersley


From 1966 Rectors of Elston took charge of Sibthorpe


7th September 1971

Norman Henry Todd, M.A., B.Pharm.

Mrs. V. Kindersley

14th February 1977

Graham Alfred Firth, B.A.

Mrs. V. Kindersley

From 1990 Rectors of Elston were also Rectors of Shelton


21st February 2005

Derek Hollis, B.A

Christopher Darwin

13th October 2013

Elizabeth Murray;

Christopher Darwin