All Hallows


Arnold Lane, which forms the western boundary has no pavement passing the church so pedestrians pass through the churchyard regularly. The Rectory lies to the east, and the south east boundary of the churchyard is a ten-foot high hollow brick wall which used to be heated by a furnace to enable exotic fruits to grow in the Rectory garden.

In the churchyard are the graves of Alfred Shaw (died 1907) and Arthur Shrewsbury (died 1903). They were famous cricket players who played for Nottinghamshire and England on many occasions. Shaw was a bowler and Shrewsbury a batsman. They lie just over the length of a cricket pitch apart.

There is also the grave of John Flinders (died 1798) who served as a soldier for 62 years. When he came home to Gedling he found living with his relatives intolerable and went to live in the Workhouse because it had the same regimentation he had been used to all his military career .

The earliest grave marker is dated 13th May 1712 There are several eighteenth-century headstones made of Swithland slate.

The churchyard is closed for burials and is in the care of Gedling Borough Council who rebuilt the boundary wall to Arnold Lane in 2000.