Gedling All Hallows

List of Incumbents

The parish had two rectors, one appointed by the Bardolfs as Lords of the Manor and one appointed by the Prior of Shelford. The Stanhope family acquired the advowsons of both when they bought the Priory lands and Manor of Shelford Priory in 1540 after the Dissolution. Their descendants were the Earls of Chesterfield and later Carnarvon.

William Stokes, the last Vicar of the Shelford moiety died during the Civil War when there was no means of appointing a successor. The two moieties were combined when Richard Chenevix was Rector. See history page for more details.

Rectors of the Bardolf moiety
Rectors of the Shelford moiety
1248 Master William de Lexington
1272 John de Malling
1288/9 Edmund Bardolf
1294 John de Haluchton (Halghton)
1322 Alexander Chaggele
1325/6 Henry de Stanford
1349 John de Clareburge
1361/2 William Lans
1364/5 Thomas de Leverton
1369 Master John de Hovedon
1379 Richard de Killom
1411 William Brampton
1428 Richard Plane
1455 Thomas Garwell
1466/7 Thomas Dokilby
1476 John Aleyn
1479/80 Roger Stowe
1480/1 Nicholas Widemarpole
1507 Brian Maynell
? William Gyles
1554 Robert Collynson
1586 Henry Bromley
1589 John Walton
1603 Christopher Forman
1640 Lawrence Palmer
1682 James Jolliffe
1703 Richard Wood
1734 Richard Chenevix
c1230 Peter de Lexington
1248 Thomas Bek
1283 Robert de Sutton
1289 Thomas de Hustwayt
1308 Richard de Hennay
1308/9 John Eldman
1310 Hugh de Kercolston
? Thomas de Saxundale
1364 William de Clypston
1369 Robert Pygott
1369 John de Londford
1394 Richard Arnall
1431 William de Holbek
1450/1 Richard Willoughby
1478 George Wilkynson
1478 Robert Helmsley
1491/2 Walter Driffield
1533 George Ellyngthropp
1546 Nicholas Batman
1556 Henry Lees
1557 George Stoughhome
? John Marbury
1572 John Wilson
1578 Nicholas Hancocke
1604 William Stokes
Rectors of the combined benefice
1745 Richard Kirkby
1784 William Smelt
1823 Charles Smelt
1832 Charles Williams
1867 Hon Orlando Watkin Weld Forester
1887 Hon Alberic Edward Bertie
1924 John Percy Hailes
1937 Christopher Harold Weller
1948 Thomas Arnold Lee
  Cecil Henry Barrett Watson
1985 Dilwyn Davies
1993 Mark Howard Francis Beach
2002 David John Stoter