Gedling All Hallows


Key to Windows

1In the north Aisle easternmost window are a few fragments of medieval glass comprising stained quarries and a small rondel. They are not leaded in any recognisable pattern.

2In the north window of the chancel there is a single yellow stained glass quarry depicting a flower.

All the remaining glass is from the twentieth and twenty-first century.

3East windowThe three lancets at the east end of the chancel have a war memorial window installed in about 1920 and given by Sir John Turney. It depicts St Michael and St Raphael with soldiers, nurses etc in World War I uniforms below them.

4Memorial window to Col BlackburnThe east window of the South aisle is a memorial to Col Blackburn who was Churchwarden. It depicts the Resurrection across the three lights.

5Old picture of South aisle windowIn the eastern window of the south aisle is a small shield with three blue cinquefoils; the arms of the Bardolph family, installed in the 1960s.

6In the western window of the south aisle is a small panel depicting the badge of the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service installed in 1989 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of WRVS. It was designed by Michael Stokes.

7The new West windowA window designed by Andrew Johnson of Exeter, with a theme of ‘Resurrection’ was installed in 2002. It shows local scenes at the bottom with an oak tree in its seasons. To the sides are faces representing the saints of the Church whose work is not complete. Higher are the circles of the universe with Christ in Glory and in the tracery is a circle with glass lenses around its edge representing the souls of the Saints of the Church who have run the race before us. In the centre of the circle is the Ladder of Perfection representing the spiritual ascent of those souls, and connecting with Walter Hilton of Thurgarton Priory. At the top is a rainbow symbolic of God’s covenant with man

8Pratt family memorial window - ResurrectionThere are two three-light windows with similar glass in the North aisle. The one to the west was installed in 1903 and depicts the Resurrection. It commemorates Emily Norton wife of Matthew Stirling, second daughter of Nathan Pratt who died 14th January 1903. It was designed by W O & C Powell of London.

9Pratt family memorial window - 3 saintsThe one to the east was installed in 1900 and depicts St Stephen, St Alban and St John the Baptist. It is also by W O & C Powell, and commemorates Nathan and Ann Pratt the parents of Mr Edmund Pratt the donor.