Hawton All Saints


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Historical Images

Robert de Compton's
tomb, c.1676
View of the church from
the south-west, 1773
Image courtesy of
the British Library
The church from the
south-east, c.1850
The church from the
south, c.1905
Detail of the sedilia,
West doorway, c.1912 The church from the
south-west, 1982
The interior
looking east, 1982

Modern Photographs

The church from
the west
The church from
the south-west
The church from
the south
The church from
the south-east
The south elevation
of the chancel
The east window
from outside
North wall of the
chancel from
the north-east
The north aisle wall
View from the north View from the
The west door and
west window
Gargoyle on the tower
The chancel
looking east
The chancel
looking west
The chancel
and pulpit
The interior looking
The interior looking
East end of the
south aisle
The doorway, tomb recess
and Easter Sepulchre.
The sedilia
Minton tiles on the
chancel floor
Carved head on
the founder's tomb
Carved head above the
doorway in the south
chancel wall
Coat of arms on
the west doorway